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I liked the trailer, but then read mostly negative reviews - still decided to go see it. It's free for me anyways, so...

And actually, I quite liked it. It's an action flick, so there's not really that much plot (or the plot that is there seems somewhat "vague"), but whatever. It had Jamie Bell (in a leather jacket), talking in his adorable accent, so it's all good.

Other observations: The love story wasn't a big hit with the audience, who consisted mostly of men. And to be honest, it did feel slightly ridiculous.

Rachel Bilson is cute, but indredibly short.

Hayden Christensen is pretty, but unfortunately cannot act. Unless he's crying, that's when he was most believable. He also doesn't really have any chemistry with anyone, least of all Rachel, who's supposed to be his girlfriend. As if anyone believed that. Tzz.
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